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Steve Savage has been immersed in maple grove life since he was 15 years old. He started collecting sap in buckets on his grandfather, Gordon LaGrange’s farm. Gordon taught him the process of making maple syrup-from tapping the correct trees, to using wood for the boiling process. In 1986, Peaceful Valley Maple Farms was established. A new sap house was built in 2005 and in 2007, a restaurant was added to the sap house and store through the vision of Steve’s mother, Barbara Kirk. Steve continues the family tradition by sharing his love of sugaring with his son Stephen, who has taken on most of the boiling process for the past two years. Together, the Savage family has grown that passion into a successful family business.

Today, the farm includes nearly 25,000 taps across 400 acres. Sap is collected from 15 different locations throughout Fulton, Montgomery and Otsego Counties. The sap house includes a wood-fired evaporator, used for the production of maple syrup. In 2017 they installed a solar system to support their syrup operation. The Savage family is proud to say they have newer technology that is energy efficient including a reverse osmosis machine and steamway pan, but still finish their syrup the old fashioned way - with wood. 


Jenny and Steve


With generations of experience behind them, Steve and his wife, Jenny, now run Peaceful Valley Maple Farms with devotion for the craft of maple syrup. 

Fire = Flavor

Just like Grandpa used to do, Peaceful Valley Maple Farms maple is produced with a wood-fired evaporator giving the syrup a deeper and sweeter taste.  Wood-fired evaporators are the authentic way to produce maple syrup. 

You can taste the difference from family-run, local, home-grown and handcrafted maple syrup.  Peaceful Valley Maple Farms syrup is not just crafted with fire, but it burns with passion as well.  

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A passion for authenticity, a passion for craft, a passion for taste.  If you care about the products you use and want the best possible flavor choose Peaceful Valley Maple Farms Pure New York Maple Syrup.  


Peaceful Valley Maple Farms Sugar House


In early Spring if you see the billowing smoke at the sap house, it is a sign that the boiling process has begun. This is an exciting time of year for the Savage family because they will soon be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor - 100% pure New York Maple Syrup.


Steve building the fire

❤️ Care

With nearly 25,000 maple taps and growing, decades of hands-on, hearts-in experience, a dedicated combination of time-honored craft and newest technology, Peaceful Valley Maple Farms is your hometown, local, family-friendly sugar house and maple restaurant. 


We are the maple experts.  

It's in our history and in our hearts, see our Facts page to answer all your maple questions or connect with us.

We care about our community and our products.  The best way we can share our love of maple is in what we create, so we take care in every product we craft and select.  Our entire process from beginning to end is done by our hands.  Tapping the tree, collecting sap, feeding the wood fire, boiling, finishing, and bottling... is all done right at our farm/our home at Peaceful Valley Maple Farms


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We love our syrup so much, we made a whole restaurant around it! Join us for home-cooking at its best, with the most delicious syrup to pair with everything.

If you want an in-person shopping experience, visit our store during restaurant hours or call and we will arrange a time to meet you there.   


Celebrate with Us

Maple Syrup can bring sweetness to your special day as the perfect wedding favor!

We offer custom printed, delicious maple syrup-filled, maple leaf-shaped, glass bottles to gift on your special day. 
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